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Sugar Buddy kit for home sugaring


We brought expensive professional sugaring to home conditions - so #buddylicious!

The Sugar Buddy home sugaring package contains everything you need for easy sugaring at home. The mass is ready to use as it is, and there is no need to add anything or knead it by hand.

You don't need removal strips, but we will teach you the technique of professionals, using a spatula. Why the spatula? That's because heat is transferred from the hands to the sugar mass, and that can make sugaring difficult at first. With the help of a spatula, the heat stays even and makes your work easier.

With the Sugar Buddy sugaring paste, you can sugar all skin areas at home and gently. About 15 underarm sugarings or alternatively 5-8 bras are enough from the package, depending on the starting situation and individual hair growth.

Amount of paste: 250g

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