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Sturdy spatula

Sturdy spatula

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The long handle and wide spreading head make sugaring easier and keep the sweat and heat of the hands away from the sugar.

It is also suitable for quickly sugaring large areas, as the spatula only flexes a little.

Tip! The sugar mass comes off the spatula best when you use it quickly under cold water, then the paste solidifies and you can easily push the paste into the waste. When the sugar paste is in the waste, you can just wash the spatula and let it wait for the next use.

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Toimivat tuotteet

Iso sokerointilasta oli tosi kätevä ja kestävä, sokerointi onnistuu sillä todella vaivattomasti.

Anna-Mari Jokinen


Johanna Ahonen

Tilaus saapui todella nopeasti👍🏻 Uusi isompi lasta oli myös hyvä hankinta ja toimi kuten piti. Tää on ihan mun luottosokeri!

Sugar Buddy 2022 🥇

Sugar Buddy is loved by our customers and judges because...

... "easy to use"
... "nice that you don't have to mess with talcum powder"
... "the best sugar paste I've tried, and I've tried everything 😁 "

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