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1. Cleanse the skin

Clean the skin of creams and dirt with an oil-free cleansing product. Soap Buddy is doing well!

Dry thoroughly. No moisture should remain on the skin.

2. Start sugaring

Using a spatula, slide the sugar mass onto the area to be sugared, always against the hair.

Use enough weight, you will see the hairs bend with the mass.

3. Work the sugar paste

Work the sugar mass in the area 3-5 times calmly. During processing, you always work on the same area. For tight hairs, you can use a little zik zak movement.⚡️

4. Remove the mass by flicking

It's time to remove mass and hair! Take the mass over the highest point, turn the spatula close to the skin, and then in the other direction while pulling firmly, following the direction of growth.

🚫 If you pull the mass from the middle, the edges won't "go along."

🚫 If you pull straight up, the mass won't move and you'll cause a bruise.

5. Go to the next area

Repeat steps 2-4 for the next area, either on the same body part or on a completely new area.

Please note that the mass is used in different amounts for different areas. A coin-sized mass is enough for the armpits, a golf ball-sized mass for the lower legs.

If the mass gets stuck / melts on the skin (you have worked so much that the skin is really warm, there is too little mass or water has gotten into it, for example), you can rinse it off with warm water.

6. Done! Throw the sugar in the trash

Our tips for removing the sugar from the spatula the fastest:

- Use the spatula under cold water: this way the sugar does not melt, but comes off the spatula

- After the cold water, you can take the sugar ball from the spatula with your fingers, and throw the mass into the bio waste

- Rinse the almost clean spatula under hot water and dry.

Before sugaring at home

• Exfoliate and moisturize the skin 24 hours before sugaring

• When you start sugaring, it is good for the hairs to be about 5 mm, so that the sugaring is faster 👉🏼 in the future you can sugar up to 2 mm.

• The optimal operating temperature of the sugaring mass is close to your own body temperature, i.e. ~36-38°C. The mass should be nice and soft, not runny.

• If necessary, you can heat the mass in a hot water bath for 5-15 minutes. 👉🏼 Do not let water or other substances into the jar.

The most typical mistakes

• The sugaring mass is too warm and it is difficult to handle it 👉🏼 do not heat the mass in the microwave or do not work in hot room air

• The sugaring mass is too hard and it does not stick to the hair 👉🏼 heat the mass in a water bath or work in warm room air

• The sugaring mass does not come off the skin 👉🏼 Make sure that the mass in the spatula really exceeds the highest edge of the mass on the skin before you remove the mass.