Miten valmistelen ihon sokerointiin?

How do I prepare the skin for sugaring?

Prepare your skin in the best way, to get the best possible result. We will tell you our best tips for success!

Prepare the skin

Sugaring is suitable for all skin types. The ideal sugaring client has grown some hair, moisturized and exfoliated the skin regularly to prevent hair ingrowth.

1. Stop shaving, epilating or using various hair removal creams.
2. Let the hair grow to a length of 3-5 mm. A good rule of thumb is that the longer the hair, the faster the sugaring - more hairs are caught at once.
3. During the growth phase, exfoliate the skin 1-2 times a week and moisturize in the morning and in the evening. Integrate exfoliation, moisturizing and hydration into your skin care routine. Your skin loves hydration from the outside and inside!
4. Do not exfoliate or moisturize the skin on the same day you do sugaring.
5. Do the sugaring at home according to the instructions on the package.
6. Continue the exfoliation+moisturization routine as normal between sugarings.

Sugaring at home or in a salon

In terms of preparation, it doesn't matter if you sugar at home or if you visit the service in a salon. Since sugaring is a natural product, it works on the same principle both at home and in the salon - done at home you save a considerable amount of money and time when you don't have to go to the salon.

In several salons, for example, the one-time cost for underarm sugaring is €20-30, depending on the location of the beauty salon. With one of our home sugar kits (€30) you can sugar your armpits about 15 times. So you get about 15 times for the price of one. In addition, 15 minutes of time with financing and travel to the nearest Salon are booked in the salon. At home, you do all this in the same treatment time, without moving anywhere.

After sugaring

- Avoid any kind of sweating , such as saunas, sports and sunbathing/solarium. This is because the skin pores are open and naked without protective hairs. Sweat easily carries bacteria and can inflame hair follicles. Even if nothing serious happens, reddened hair follicles look unpleasant.

- Avoid clogging cosmetics. This includes make-up, foundation and oil-based creams. The reason is the same as above: the pores are open and you don't want to clog them.

- Do not peel for a week. This is because sugaring removes dead skin cells during sugaring. If you have forgotten to exfoliate completely before sugaring, the sugaring mass may turn gray during sugaring, as it collects dead skin cells with it.

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