Hellävarainen intiimialueen karvanpoisto

Gentle hair removal of the intimate area

Brass sugaring at home - or bikini line, deep bikini, bikini LA..?

Sugaring is a wonderful alternative to hair removal in the intimate area, as it prevents ingrown hairs and prevents itchy and rough stubble.

Brazilian sugaring or bikini line sugaring?

Sugaring the bikini line removes all the hair from the intimate area that falls outside of regular underpants. The next step from here could be a string bikini , deep bikini or bikini LA , which also include hair removal from the back and a little more from the front.

Brazilian sugaring means hair removal in the intimate area so that all hairs are removed from the roots; also removing pubic hair and pubic hair up to the border of the mucous membranes. Brassin can also be made at home, as long as you master the sugaring technique and good grips.

When doing push-ups at home, remember these:

🍯 Sugaring in cool room air - the intimate area warms up easily and the first sugaring may make you nervous, so warm and/or humid room air does not help.

🍯 Although in principle the hairs cannot be too long, in practice they can feel really unpleasant in the intimate area. The sugar also sticks to adjacent long hairs, and traction comes from 'every direction'. So start brass sugaring at home with a hair about 3mm long.

🍯 Remember the tightening grip! With the other hand, tighten the skin to get a firm grip and pull.

🍯 Don't go all over the mucous membranes.

🍯 Make an appointment for the first time. Once the job is under control, the brassiere goes to 20 minutes at home with the Sugar Buddy kit.

🍯 After Brass, let the skin calm down for at least 12 hours - i.e. avoid sweat sports, sauna and solarium and follow the normal post-treatment of sugaring.

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