Mitä kuuluu brasilialaiseen sokerointiin?

What about Brazilian sugaring?

In Brazilian, or brass sugaring, all hair is removed from the intimate area , both front and back , and all the way to the mucous membranes. Our technician always asks if you want some hairs to be left, for example, a triangle or runway can be left on the pubic mound.


In Brazilian sugaring, you proceed from the outer border of the bikini line towards the mucous membranes and from there to the back. When taken from the back, the client lies comfortably on his side and can hold the buttocks himself to make the technician easier - so there is no need to be afraid of the contortion position!

In sugaring a deep bikini , everything is also guaranteed, but e.g. the pubic mound and inner labia remain untreated. The border is formed by the so-called according to thong underwear.

When sugaring a bikini , sugar is applied according to the borders of classic bikinis and 1-2 finger widths from the inside of the borders. In bikini sugaring, there is no behind, and the client's position is always lying on their back.


Brassicing in the salon takes 10-25 minutes, depending on the maintenance interval and the length of the hair. The clearer the maintenance interval you have, and you avoid shaving and other hair removal between maintenances, the faster you will get rid of brassiness.

Doing brass at home takes about 15-30 minutes - the technique must be in order and the tightening grips and pull directions must be correct!

Psst! Did you know that in some countries this all-encompassing sugaring of the intimate area is called Hollywood sugaring? In Europe, however, Brazilian sugaring is better known, and usually when you ask for Brass, the starting point is "all out".

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