Kuinka sokerointi tehdään?

How is sugaring done?

How to sugar at home or how is sugaring done by a professional? Does the end result differ somehow?

Whether you make sugar at home or hire a service from a professional, the basic sugaring technique is completely the same and it is carried out with the same products - only the brands and qualities differ. Sugaring is a technique, the technique of which is learned during cosmetology courses or in various courses. Vocational courses are one-day studies, but we teach the technology for sugaring here !

The most important steps in sugaring are:

🍯 Hair long enough so that the sugar can stick to the hair
👉🏼 Stop whipping in time, about a couple of weeks before sugaring.

🍯 Sugaring requires clean and dry skin
👉🏼 To guarantee optimal adhesion. In addition to the fact that moisture and oils significantly weaken the stickiness of the sugar, they can modify the composition of the mass. Clean the skin carefully before sugaring, ordinary oil-free soap works well! Treatment centers usually use an alcohol-based skin cleanser.

🍯 Application and removal directions
👉🏼 The mass is applied to the opposite hair so that it can be removed in the natural growth direction. If the mass is removed in the opposite hair, it will probably break the hair and the same result as waxing will be achieved.

🍯 Hand or spatula technique
👉🏼 The original hand technique is used by professionals, and you can also switch to the hand technique at home when you have the easier spatula technique. In the hand technique, the heat of the hand transfers to the mass, and therefore also heats the mass and changes its handling.

⚠️ If a professional does sugaring in a nursing home with the wrong application directions, please point them out, because the end result will have a shorter effect ⚠️

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