Kuinka paljon sokerointi sattuu?

How much does sugaring hurt?

Does sugaring hurt?

This is one of the most common questions that is encountered both in beauty salons and in coffee table conversations (if sugaring happens to be mentioned😉 ).

The sugar paste itself is not hot or contains any ingredients that could sting or cause sensations on the skin. However, you have to remember that the sugaring mass removes the hairs from the very roots, and the removal situation is the one that irritates most people. Otherwise, you won't feel pain after sugaring.

Removing the roots makes sugaring a particularly effective method, but some people experience pain during sugaring sessions - but how bad?

The most common pain points are the armpits and the intimate area. The skin of the armpits is thin and contains many glands and nerves and thus differs from the thick skin of the lower leg or thigh. You might think that when the hair has to come 'through' the thicker skin of the leg, it would hurt more, but practical studies show that the pain threshold is often more sensitive in thinner skin areas.

On the other hand, the root sheath of the hair weakens and becomes smaller each time, so that the momentary pinching of sugaring also becomes easier over time and as the sugaring times increase.

So it can be stated that the pain threshold is always personal and the same is also true for sugar.

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